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Remove background pictures of your product to better sell

Discover our photo clipping service from 0.40 $ / photo

Detourage photo image pour ecommerce et produit 0.40€ la photo
Icone détourage photo

Photo clipping allows you to sell more

Today photo clipping for your product is no longer to demonstrate, you want your product is a better look? Sell ​​more and make much more professional? So take advantage of our photo clipping service for your ecommerce and product . The trimming of your photograph will allow you to sell better and give any the chances of your product being sold. Take advantage of our clipping service for only 0.40 € the picture, impeccable quality and fast service.

4 Advantage of having a photo remove background rather than a photo lambda

1. Your object and highlighted it will be sharper and nothing will come to pollute the look of your future buyer.
2. Studies prove that a white background and much more vendor.
3. Your objects stand out better on the screen the colors are more vivid.
4. Harmony with your interface and your design with the transparency of your photo.

How it works ?

Our tools allow you to order directly, you just have to deposit your image on our server to settle your work by credit card, and we start clipping of your photos. Your photo is available between 24 / 48h maximum can import quantity ask.
I want to remove background my photos now

Who are we ?

Shua Creation and an innovative software and solution publisher for the general public and companies In 2007 Shua Creation develops several software, games and educational software that allows us to launch our activity after the sale of 1000 example of "Create your card" our software of Creation of Business Card on the Internet. We have much of our effort in 2010 to create iOS application which many application model this are sold on, we have since realized hundreds of service for many customers to throughout the world, American, Chinese, Australian, Finnish, French ... etc when providing service for realization iOS, Web Site and Varied Design, we return today to our first love all while serving the whole of our existing services by offering you many script, template application, template for your future realization. Our order to save you precious time with quality tools.

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